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Lucky potted flower
Lucky potted flower
  • 1000 - 1500  Plant US $10.00
  • >= 1500  Plant US $9.00
Supply Ability:
5000 Plant/Plants per 0
Qingdao Port
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Place of Origin:
China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
potted plants
Model Number:
Lucky potted flower
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Product Description

      Lucky potted flower  is easy, as long as the master or high temperature, damp, half shadow of habit, can place all the year round in warm and bright indoor. Can be full of sunshine in the winter, spring and autumn period shall have the light in the morning and evening, not to direct sunlight in summer. Light and bright, foliage bright color. With not less than 10 advisable, winter temperature above 20 above, is not conducive to plant dormancy, affect growth next year and the sweat.


     Lucky potted flower as epiphytes, natively is located in the central American rainforest. From the pineapple flowers native environment observation, most of the pineapple are like half shade environment, avoid direct sunlight. In general, the pineapple flowers suitable for photometric environment in about 18000 lux, you need to maintain relative humidity between 68-75%; Temperature, requirements in 22 to 28 c up and down in the day, and the best remain at around 20-21 c at night. The pineapple flowers is sensitive to relative humidity (RH), under the strong light or dry, humidity less than 50%, the blade will curl inward, or unable to extend. So high light intensity environments, we need to put the humidity appropriate it is advisable to cooperate in more than 75%. Although the pineapple flowers like wet environment, but during the high temperature and high humidity in the summer, easy cause inadequate ventilation.鸿运当头1.png

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